Haku 2.1 Available

Haku 2.1 Available

Haku33 is a NRO homebrew application that will allow you to clean your NAND. Written in C ++ for the Nintendo Switch, this open source program has the function of eliminating critical files from the console to perform a hard reset of the console, leaving only the basics to start.

Haku33 completely eliminates console logs or other information to ensure that the CFW never existed.

Goal :
- Cleaning the nand so that she can connect and use any originals you want to uninstall CFW or use emunand (emummc)

Warning :
- It is advisable to make a backup before using it, because although it is well tested, failures can occur.
- This remains a premise of the elimination of data.
- It's not 100% sure, but the people who have tested it have not been banned yet.
- If you have a clean backup of the Nand, it is better that in no case should you use switch patches.
- If your console is banned, there is nothing to do

Link/Download: Haku 2.1

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