How to Link a Nintendo Account to your Banned/not Banned hacked nintendo switch

How to Link a Nintendo Account to your Banned/not Banned hacked nintendo switch

Warning: Following this method will delete the profile account you are currently using, and change it for a new profile with a nintendo linked account.
Following this guide will also delete all your games Saved data ( the only way to keep then is to use Checkpoint.nro and back up your save file data ) {do not use edizon as this method will render it useless. it will crash everytime you try to run it. so if you like cheats for get it.
the devs have not been able to figure it out so dont ask }

Now that the warnings have been cleared lets check out the benefits :
A) will this method let you play any linked account game? : yes it will

B) will this method let you play on banned NS?: yes it will work on banned Switches ( also on non banned ones, )

C) None of your games will be deleted, nor will you SD card be formatted. you will be able to play just fine. if you start a new game you are fine. if you already have an existing save file go ahead and back it up with Checkpoint.

D) my own NS is not banned, I used this method and it remains un banned, if it worked for me it should work for you, how ever do this at your own risk.

E) was you nintendo Switch banned before you could create an account: yes this method will help you create a new one.

Before you even start with this guide , Here I will list 4 methods /options/alternatives/ to link nintendo account. this guide is #3. so you pick your options
1) remove the link account status with NSC-Builder on you windows PC., but sadly this method works on some games it doesnt on others (currently not working on nintendo online)
this is the link to download it ( I do not nor will I ever provide support for NSC builder its not noob friendly )

2) restore from you original NAND to make your NS virgin again, create a nintendo account online and link it, then hack you NS again

3) use Kefir

4) use a NX emulators to play the exact same games, no need to link accounts

Guide How to Link a Nintendo Account

1)First thing you need to do is in your NS go to setting and DISABLE automatic updates ( do not come back crying if you update by mistake )

2) 90DNS set up

3 download Kafirupdater.NRO file from
and place the NRO file inside your SD card folder named (Switch) sdmc://switch/kefirupdater.nro
there are 2 files (NSP and NRO. download the NRO file and ignore the nsp

4 put the SD card back in your switch boot it up. make sure you are connected to wifi ( if you are off line it wont work ) then open Kafir nro click on "add Linked account" then click on "inject"

process will be short 1 minutes the most then click on yes to reboot to RCM

when the switch reboots go to setting and Disable WIFI ( put it on Airplane mode) 90DNS does a great job in preventing nintendo servers but no need to risk it. the longer you stay online the more risk you will be banned and you will see a new account. go ahead and edit the BS

change the name and icon to whatever you feel like it for the new profile . now All nintendo linked account games should be able to work.

PS: NO 90DNS will not allow you to play ONLINE with your fake friends
even if the name of a game is Super_Nintendo_Entertainment_System_Nintendo_Switch_Online_NSW-CAF.NSP it does not mean you can play online. it means that the games are hacked from the paid yearly subscription from nintendo
PS2. is nintendo going to keep pushing linked accounts games. yes you bet your ass they will.
PS3: Dorianx12 do you recommend incognito mode or stealth mode? the answers is They are the same crap. I highly recommend 90NDS over any other, any day of the week. SX os stealth mode is just another shitty DNS anyway.

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