NSZ v1.0 is available

NSZ v1.0 is available

The developer Nico Bosshard unveils a piptel script named NSZ, like the compression format lately born on the Switch scene, which will allow you to compress and decompress the .nsz files that can be used on the last Nintendo console.

NSZ files are very close to NSPs, they are compressed, it's not quite a new format, the script is quite simple to use, and know that NSC_Builder supports NSP file compression in NSZ and decompression NSZ file in NSP.

Compression script:

The script requires keys.txt compatible with hactool that must be present in the same directory as the nsz.py file. Currently, this only works with games, updates, and DLCs.

Example usage: nsz.py --level 17 -C title1.nsp title2.nsp title3.nsp

This will generate the title1.nsz, title2.nsz, title3.nsz files

Link/Download: NSZ v1.0

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