GodMode9 v1.9.0 is available

GodMode9 v1.9.0 is available

The developer d0k3 is back, you wondered if GodMode9 was still supported, and although its development although idle is now, it is even everything except death according to d0k3.

Thanks to the help of many contributors and the tireless work of @Wolfvak, who did most of the hard work for this release, here is a major version of GodMode9.

Changelog 1.9.0:

- New: Touch screen support, used for the keyboard (manual calibration possible, but not necessary)
- New: LED support, signaling completed operations when the envelope is closed
- New: Detect the opening / closing of the hull, turn off the display to save battery
- New: Brightness setting (in the HOME menu)
- New: Support for editing, reading and writing DISA and DIFF files (.db) (thanks @ aspargas2!)
- New: Allow configuration attributes for directories
- New: Supports reading and writing for gamecart backups (thanks @ dratini0)
- Improvement: ARM11 core fully rewritten
- Improvement: Countless improvements under the hood thanks to @Wolfvak
- Fixed: A metric fuckton of bugfixes (quoting @Wolfvak)
- Scripting: Allow game icons as preview

Link/Download : GodMode9 v1.9.0

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