NxNandManager v3.0.0 Released

NxNandManager v3.0.0 Released

The developer Eliboa has just placed the NxNandManager v3.0 for Nintendo Switch users.

As a reminder, this tool is a command-line utility (and a graphical interface) for Windows 7 and 10, the main purpose of which is to copy the contents of Nintendo Switch (full NAND or a specific partition) to / from a file or a physical reader.

Many functions have been made in this v3.0.0!

- EmuNAND / EmuMMC is now supported, but only the partition variant (anyway recommended). This can also be resized to make the USER partition larger.

- The program also displays the device ID, MAC address, and available FAT32 storage space for SYSTEM and USER partitions, if a valid key ring is available.

So resizing the NAND is now possible, you can now resize any RAWNAND or FULL NAND storage. The resize function will create a new file for your NAND with a resized USER partition. This is mainly useful for reducing the size of your emuNAND (file or partition) but you can also increase the size of the USER partition, above 26 GB. Optionally, the USER partition can be formatted when resizing.

- Restoring in a split dump is now allowed.

When the keyboard is supplied, the program can retrieve new information:
- Device ID (can be useful to disable parental control)
- WLAN mac address.
- FAT32 space available for SYTEM & USER partitions

- Improvement of the detection of BOOT1 (search PK11 in the whole file).

- With the exception of some parts of the GUI, the entire code has been redesigned. Although this is mostly transparent to the end user, you should notice a general improvement in performance when copying (except when you use memloader which is still very slow). The remaining time and the number of bytes copied are now displayed during the copy.

Link/Download: NxNandManager v3.0.0

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