HBUpdater v2.3 Released

HBUpdater v2.3 Released

LyfeOnEdge continues the evolution of its HBUpdater software which is now v2.3. This version still brings a lot of news with the correction of many bugs, and optimizations, and problem solving.

HBUpdater allows you to manage homebrews, inject payloads and install game backups on your Switch console.

Changelog 2.3:

- Fixed a bug that showed the injector banner, less bold text.
- Reduced pop-in image of the packaging and correction of missing images when loading the screen due to insufficient padding.
- Adding the settings system, the settings page, adjusting the tile size on the fly.
- The updater that can't get the update file no longer causes a crash.
- The software now relies on the old repo json when the new one is not available.
- Added other magnification settings (Normal / Full Screen / Maximized).
- Added a setting to keep the window higher.
- Fixed a problem with the search bar and filling the drop-down menu on the main page.

Link/Download: HBUpdater v2.3

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