NSC_BUILDER v0.96c is available

NSC_BUILDER v0.96c is available

The developer Julesontheroad is back on the Nintendo Switch scene with the proposal of a new version of NSC_Builder which now goes to v0.96c.

the latter has indeed correct many bugs and adds the character "less" to further increase the user experience.

NSC Builder manages to remember the "titlerights" encryption of the NSP files of your system, these being installed by Tinfoil or SXOS during the installation of NSP. This program also allows you to create multi-content XCI or NSP files by automating the process of obtaining XCI files that do not require a ticket.

Changelog 0.96c:
- Fixed a bug where cnmt.nca files modified by rsv can not be checked properly.
- Fixed a bug where the individual mode only displays multi-nsp files as nsp when the user chooses xci as output.
- Add the character - to the list of bad characters by replacing it with -

Link/Download: NSC_BUILDER v0.96c

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