Ns-usbloader v0.9.1

Ns-usbloader v0.9.1

Developersu returns to us with a new version of its NS-Usbloader program which arrives in v0.9.1.

For those who don't know NS-USBloader, it is responsible for replacing the python script of Tinfoil, and which is proposed in java to be launched under Windows, Linux and MacOS, NS-Usbloader is an NSP Adubbz installer / TinFoil (version 0.2.1; USB and network) and GoldLeaf (USB) on the PC side with graphical interface and cookies.


- Parameters tab: reorganization of elements.

- Correction of a bug in the Tinfoil net-stack: in case of error 404, you will see an appropriate response in the homebrew instead of a blocked user interface.

- Correction of a bug in the Tinfoil stack-USB: Now, this will not ruin the data and therefore your installation if there is no request from the NS side for a certain time. (Very rare bug. Thank you very much to the developers and contributors of 'Awoo Installer': Huntereb and HookedBehemoth for the detailed report)

- Minor updates in Tinfoil logs.

Download: Ns-usbloader v0.9.1

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