NSZ 3.1.1 Released

NSZ 3.1.1 Released

Nico Bosshard reveals a new version of his python script called NSZ, like the compression format recently born on the Switch scene, which will allow you to compress and decompress the .nsz files that can be used on the latest Nintendo console.

This version 3.1.1 succeeds 3.1.0 which brought many changes and optimizations in all directions. It remains very surprising to see the follow-up made by Nico Bosshard on the subject.

NSZ files are very close to NSP, they are compressed, it is not quite a new format, the script is quite simple to use, and know that NSC_Builder supports NSP file compression in NSZ and decompression NSZ file in NSP.

Changelog 3.1.1

- Correction on decompression / XCZ verification

Changelog 3.1

- Fixed decompression in v3.0.0 due to an optional argument not marked as such and an obsolete file extension comparison
- Allows selection of individual files in OpenFileDialog
- Lets you see which drive is currently selected in the OpenFileDialog and SaveFileDialog dialog
- Replacement of the background_down image by the background_normal image because it is ugly in FileDialogs
- Remove SaveFileDialog because it is not used and is difficult to maintain
- Significant improvement of OpenFileDialog by allowing to switch between the arrangement of icons and lists
- Addition of a filter in the OpenFileDialog so that it only displays the nsp, nsz, xci, xcz and ncz files
- No longer display the empty replacement character for the selection of the device on non-Windows platforms and possibility of specifying file filters by OpenFileDialog argument
- Finally, it allowed you to select folders and select several items at the same time
- Automatic creation of the empty mistletoe folder required for the parameters to be saved in portable nsz, which is exactly the correction applied manually to nsz_v3.0.0_hotfix1_win64_portable.zip
- Fixed warnings that appeared in the console each time the GUI was launched
- The file browser display mode buttons have the same design as the Windows device selection buttons
- Implementation of the deletion of the selected elements of the GameList using the delete or backspace key
- Significant improvement in the selection and deletion of GameList elements
- Verification only mode does not execute when called from the GUI
- Definition of the quantity of threads by default for solid compression to 3 while keeping the number of logical cores by default for block compression because the majority now uses task parallelization for solid compression
- Correction of the object 'RootWidget' has no attribute 'verify'.
- Correction of a Kivy error launching "Error in sys.excepthook" during shutdown if the amount of RecycleView data decreased
- Improved wording of the error summary
- Update of test and deployment scripts
- Fixed orphaned processes remaining after main process ended after compressing a very short task block, resulting in spamming orphaned processes "AttributeError: 'ForkAwareLocal' object has no attribute 'connection'" exceptions
- Fixed NSZ GUI icon not showing up
- General improvements in system stability to improve user experience.

Download: NSZ 3.1.1

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