NTR Selector v2.13.3 Released

NTR Selector v2.13.3 Released

The developer Nanquitas has just put online a new version of NTR Selector which goes to v2.13.3 now with many supports that have been added.

As a reminder, this BootNTR Selector mod allows you to choose which version of CFW NTR to launch and this faster than the original version, benefiting from an intuitive, fast and efficient user interface, a better boot rate, an autoloader, a patcher. ..


- Added support 11.12.
- Added support for Luma3DS v10.0.1.
- Correction of the compatibility of the Luma3DS Plugin Loader from version 2.13.
- Fixed mode3 and 3dsx builds from 2.13.1.
- Update from NTR v3.6 to v3.6.1.

NTR v3.6.1 Changelog

- Slight improvement of the N3DS streaming code. (Uses Luma3DS PA -> VA memory mapping instead of DMA)

Download: NTR Selector v2.13.3

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