Psp2renga and 0syscall6 v1.2 Released

Psp2renga and 0syscall6 v1.2 Released

The developer SKGleba has just put online version 1.2 of Psp2renga which adds many corrections to its proposal psp2renga but also 0syscall6.

Changelog [NMF]:
- Remove the hook irq_handler, add the hook fcmd_handler instead => stability ++.
- Added support for custom-paddr framework banks (phycont / cSRAM) => compatibility ++.
- Optimization of code execution.

Changelog [NMP]:
- Elimination of TaiHen requirements.
- Addition of ussm caching (optional) => stability ++.
- Added support for custom pad commemorations => compatibility ++.
- Move installation payloads to SPRAM.
- Optimization of the execution of the exploit / code.

Changelog [RENGA]:
- Addition of renga_xet_bank for phycont / sram switching
- Addition of renga_mepcpy
- Now, renga works by default on PhyCont (add the _forcesram plugin to SceShell if you want permanent SRAM)
- Addition of 3 user plugins: _settings; _forcephy; and _forcesram.
- Lv0loader update

Download: PSP2Renga / 0syscall6

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