RetroReloaded CFW 4.02 Released

RetroReloaded CFW 4.02 Released

Developer RetroGamer has released version 4.02 of RetroReloaded, this new version adds SX Autoloader 1.30 and SX Installer 3.02.

As a reminder, RetroReloaded combines the best with Atmosphere, ReiNX, and SX OS. This package will allow you to start a CFW as a startup manager via this All In One solution.

Changelog SX Installer v3.02:

- Fixed an issue with creating dropbox directories.
- Fixed the problem of not being able to exit with the b button when using title overwriting instead of transfer.
- Fixed an occasional crash when installing games with corrupted metadata.
- Added support for firmware version 9.1.0.
- General font and translation improvements.
- Added option to preload icons.
- Addition of a help section.
- Addition of the "Recommended" section.
- Addition of Parental mode to make the application safe for young children.
- Modification of the game backup format to store game backups in zip files (much faster synchronization with gdrive).
- Deactivation of standby when saving all game saves.
- Added the possibility to define comments on game saves.
- Improved loading of the retro-archive.
- Rom icons are now loaded automatically.

Attention, SX Autoloader 1.30 is activated by default. There will be a new setting to enable and disable in a new RetroReloaded version.

Download: RetroReloaded CFW 4.02

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