DS4Windows 2.0.7 Released

DS4Windows 2.0.7

Ryochan7 is definitely full of resources, it has indeed published a brand new version of its DS4Windows program which as you now know is a tool intended for the PC and which allows to use its Dual Shock 4 via the emulation of 'an Xbox 360 controller.

If you do not know this software, which is unlikely if you follow Logic-sunrise.com, DS4Windows allows you to enjoy your Dual Shock 4 on your PC, the software allows you to serve as an effective interface to configure the device based on a fork of Jays2Kings, a project found here at ds4windows.com.

To take advantage of it unfortunately it will go through the micro-USB cable, but it is possible to use wireless with some Bluetooth 2.1 adapters (or higher).

Ryochan7 offers us a very nice version with this v2.0.7 with a lot of new features and important corrections.

Changelog 2.0.7:

- Correction on duplication of profiles
- Adding a log message if HidGuardian is detected
- Change to launch HidGuardHelper later at startup
- Midpoint correction for Swipe to Axis controls
- Add a comment in the profiles indicating which version of DS4Windows made the file
- Added link to HTML5 Gamepad Tester under Utils
- Change to apply the maximum trigger zone when the dead zone is 0.0
- Update of the Russian translation. Change provided by DragonZX
- Fixed exclusive mode issues for non-administrator users.
- Correction of the failure of the judgment of the second instance.
- Addition of additional square brackets in the link window for Numpad keys

Download: DS4Windows 2.0.7

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