GayMaker Studio v1.2 for PS4 and v1.7.5 for Vita

SilicaAndPina has just released two new versions of GayMaker, one for the PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 4 Pro and the other for the PlayStation Vita.

As a reminder, GayMaker is an application that supports the creation of multiplatform and multi-genre video games using a visual programming language Drag & Drop where you can also replace the images, the title and the TitleID.

Note that on PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 4 Pro the game, from the project file, .gmx will be "compiled" in .pkg format using version 1.4.1804 of GameMaker, the only one currently compatible with firmware 5.05.


- Correction of a bug where the parameter "Short-circuit evaluations" was always = FALSE whatever the real parameter
(this should correct compatibility for non-yyc projects).
- Correction of automatic update.
- Correction of the Manager version


GayMaker-Studio (Ps4 Export) 1.2 for PS4

GayMaker (Psv Export) 1.7.5 for Vita

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