Fizeau v1.0.0 Released

Fizeau is a new application developed by Averne for the Nintendo Switch console which is a tool that will allow you to adjust the color of the console screen.

With Fizeau you will be able to adjust the color and the temperature, while from the element Dawn and Dusk (sunrise and sunset), it is possible to run it and turn it off at the defined time. This option is very interesting for the night in particular.

Temperature / Color

- Use the temperature slider to select the desired shade.
- If desired, you can ignore the color using the RGBA sliders.
- The value "Alpha" controls the opacity of the layer.
- Due to the operation of Fizeau, it is unfortunately not possible to directly change the color of the screen. Instead, create a transparent layer and apply color to it. However, this can cause an overall increase in brightness, especially noticeable with dark colors.
- In addition, the layer is not visible in screenshots and recordings.

Dawn and Dusk

- Once set, Fizeau will start at "Dusk" time and turn off at "Dawn" time.
- You can ignore it using the checkbox. Fizeau will therefore remain in the specified state.


- The parameters are saved in /switch/Fizeau/config.ini, the file can be easily modified.
- To reduce the use of the system module's memory, the parameters are not read continuously. Instead, they are applied when the application starts.
- Consequently, you will have to perform a client restart after a restart to run Fizeau.

Download: Fizeau v1.0.0

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