Kosmos Toolbox v4.0.0 Released

Kosmos Toolbox v4.0.0 Released

Team AtlasNX unveils a new version of the Kosmos Toolbox, this is version v4.0.0. The standalone application also finds its place in the Kosmos All-in-One package published by developer AtlasNX which is currently preparing Kosmos 15.1 based on the latest moves.

Changlog v4.0.0

- This version aims to support the extended hbloader configuration added in Atmosphere 0.10.2, as well as many minor QOL changes

- Override button settings now support up to 8 custom title overwrites.

- This functionality only works from Atmosphere version 0.10.2!

- Addition of an option to select a title during the overwriting configuration.

- The overwrite of the album has been renamed to "Default" and its title can also be modified.

- In addition to the display of all the titles of the games, it comes with the support of 4 applets: Album, Nintendo eShop, User profile and Controller.

- All buttons now scroll automatically when the selection goes beyond the limits. This means that the sysmodules page no longer needs pages. They have been deleted.

- Fixed an issue where program_id_0 and override_key_0 were not correctly read in the configuration.

- Fixed a problem with the operation of the touch screen user interface when using the list selector and the message box.

- Fixed an issue where the Override key button did not properly block entry during playback for button presses.

- Addition of an option allowing to quit the program immediately by pressing PLUS.

- Most menus / submenus now remember the last button selection.

- The Hekate restart menu now automatically selects the automatic restart profile.

- Having a valid config.json is no longer necessary to list the sysmodules. (toolbox.json files are an option)

- Background services, Reboot to Hekate and Reboot now! have been recolored to reduce eye strain.

- Lots of minor changes to the user interface.

Download: Kosmos Toolbox v4.0.0

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