N-Xplorer v0.6.3 Released

N-Xplorer v0.6.3

CompSciOrBust offers us a new version of its N-Xplorer program which now goes to v0.6.3.

As a reminder, N-Xplorer is a browser and file editor for modified Nintendo Switch consoles largely inspired by VitaShell, the manager of PsVita and PsTV developed by TheFlow.

N-Xplorer includes a text editor, an image viewer, recursive copying of files and folders, moving files and folders, renaming files and folders, creating and deleting files and folders.

Changelog 0.6.3:
- This version involves cleaning up the code and simplifying debugging using nxlink.
- The following new features have been added:
- Added support for user and system partitions on Nand. - Be careful when doing things here, as you could damage your system or damage your backup data.
- The cursor now remembers its position when you go up in a directory (by pressing).
- If you create a new folder but the name already exists, a number will be added to the folder name (works in the same way as creating a new folder in Microsoft Windows).

Download: N-Xplorer v0.6.3

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