RetroReloaded Pro v1.00 Released

RetroReloaded Pro v1.00

RetroGamer74 offers us an evolution of RetroReloaded in Pro version.

This update must be installed by hand, it is the main core and the first version of RetroReloaded Pro. This version is in Beta for the next 7 days.

There will probably be no more updates like this, in standalone version because RetroReloaded Pro has an automatic update function, it is very likely that RetroReloaded will therefore no longer be updated.

If by mistake you update RetroReloaded using the update tool, I suggest you clean your microSD by following the installation instructions, as you will have a better and cleaner installation.

RR Pro (RetroReloaded Pro - Boot Manager) - BETA

Very important: for all users who wish to migrate to RR Pro, please delete the microSD files, except: Nintend *, Emummc, Emutendo and SX OS license.dat if you have one. It is recommended to make a backup of your Switch folder before deleting it in case you have to recover something.

Updates are now faster since RetroReloaded has been cut, so downloads are independent. If the startup payload is updated, there will be no need to download the entire package as before, and this is generally the case with everything.

When using the RetroReloaded Hekate tool, there is a "Back RR" button that allows you to return to the RetroReloaded startup manager whenever you want.

Download: RetroReloaded Pro v1.00

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