VitaGrafix Configurator v3.0 et PSVita-StorageMgr v3.2 Released

VitaGrafix Configurator v3.0 et PSVita-StorageMgr v3.2 Released

The VitaGraphix Configuratir utility has been updated to v3.0, as a reminder, VitaGrafix Configurator is a homebrew utility which allows you to manage the configuration of VitaGrafix without having to use a text editor on your PC or via VitaShell.

This new version brings a major functionality which is the support of VitaGrafix 5.0 and newer which uses a rewritten analyzer / interpreter, while maintaining the compatibility of the VitaGrafix 4.x patches.

Download: VitaGrafix Configurator 3.0

That's not all, there is also our friend CelesteBlue who has deployed an update for PSVita-StorageMgr, the application which allows you to mount and redirect any storage device to any point of editing on PlayStation Vita.

Considered a much more valid alternative to usbmc.skprx or gamesd.skprx, this plugin fixes many bugs present in these two plugins. In this version 3.2, the developer introduced support for H-encore 2 on firmware 3.69 ~ 3.73.

Download: storagemgr.skprx / storage_config.txt

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