ONEMenu for PSVita v3.16 Released

The ONElua Team has just put online a brand new version of its ONEMenu program which, as you know, makes it easy to enjoy your games.

Indeed, OneMenu LUA is a manager that separates the games and applications installed on your console into several categories. If you already know ONEmenu of PSP, then you already have a good overview of what ONEMenu can offer. Onemenu comes with an integrated file explorer, it takes over from App Manager Plus which is no longer updated.

Changelog 3.16:

- Fixed a bug in the refresh of the content of several PSM games. Thanks to KuromeSan
- Addition of resources to realize the unpack from EBOOTs. PBP / Iso (icon0.png, pic1.png, pic0.png, param.sfo)

Download: ONEMenu for PSVita v3.16

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