PS4 Host PS-Phwoar v1.1 Released

Leeful74 two months after version 1.0 has just updated its Menu Host for PlayStation 4. As you know its PS4 Host Menu is called PS-Phwoar! and is now available in v1.1, with the program what is best in this area.

It is possible to install it either via USB, or via a PC, or on an ESP device, or via a device with Android, all payloads are up to date, and now PS-Phwoar! is compatible with all LightningMod applications.

Changelog v1.1

- PS-Phwoar! is now compatible with all LightningMod applications. (Orbisman, HB Store & Updater POC apps are working now)
- The WebRTE-V2 trainer has been added as requested.
- Game dump options have been added as requested
- You can now choose to dump your game and update it separately or in a merged folder without having to use a cfg file on the USB key.


PS-Phwoar _v1.1_PC_Installer
PS-Phwoar _v1.1_ESP_Installer
PS-Phwoar _v1.1_Android_Installer

(Copy the optional USB files to your USB key if you are using the appToUsb, PKG Backup or the Game Dumper.)

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