DS4Windows v2.0.13 Released

DS4Windows v2.0.13

The fourth version of the year 2020 of DS4Windows has just landed, Ryochan7 reveals the 2.0.13 of its tool which is intended for the PC and which allows to use its Dual Shock 4 via the emulation of an Xbox 360 controller.

DS4Windows allows you to take advantage of your Dual Shock 4 on your PC, the software makes it possible to serve as an effective interface for configuring the device based on a fork of Jays2Kings, a project which was found here at ds4windows.com.

To take advantage of it you will need to connect the micro-USB cable, but it is however possible to take advantage of wireless with some Bluetooth 2.1 or higher adapters.

Changelog 2.0.13:

- Add a clamp to the vertical scale of the Gyro Mouse Joystick
- Launching of some process calls via Explorer. Start an inactive process
- Added social icons and links to the "About" window
- Adding the display name of the device in the ID column
- Addition of a minor tooltip for the exclusive section
- Another attempt to repair the Touchpad screen
- Change related to the display of the Gyro panel

Download: DS4Windows v2.0.13

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