Kosmos v15.3 Released

Kosmos v15.3

Eight days after version 15.2, it is now version 15.3 which is offered by Nichole Mattera on behalf of Team AtlasNX.

As you know, Kosmos is an all-in-one solution that allows you to install all the files necessary for installing a CFW on Nintendo Switch. Formerly SDFiles Switch, it is the benchmark in the field, it is regularly updated to support the latest developments in hack and hack on Nintendo Switch and the team behind its support proves it to us a new both seen their responsiveness.

Version 15.3 brings especially the latest updates, whether Atmosphere 0.10.4, the update of ldn_mitm, the update of Status Monitor Overlay, and as usual to bring a little more stability for users .
Of course, all of the programs have been updated, you will find the changes and updates below. 

Kosmos v15.3:
   Atmosphere - 0.10.4
   Hekate - v5.1.2
   Homebrew App Store - hbas-2.2
   EdiZon - snapshot
   Emuiibo - 0.4
   Goldleaf - 0.8
   Kosmos Toolbox - v4.0.0
   Kosmos Updater - v3.0.9
   ldn_mitm - v1.3.3
   Lockpick - v1.2.6
   Lockpick_RCM - v1.8.1
   nxdumptool - v1.1.8
   nx-ovlloader - v1.0.2
   ovlSysModules - v1.1.0
   Status Monitor Overlay - 0.5.1
   sys-clk - 0.13.0
   sys-con - v0.5.3
   sys-ftpd-light - 1.0.1
   Tesla-Menu - v1.0.2

Download: Kosmos v15.3

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