nxdumptool v1.1.9 Released

nxdumptool v1.1.9

A new update is available for the nxdumptool application, the tool developed by the developer Pablo Curiel, known by the pseudonym DarkMatterCore, allows you to download and scan game cartridges from the Switch console.

For those who do not know this tool or for those who are new to it, know that nxdumptool is a fork of switch-game-card-dumper originally released by MCMrARM.

Formerly known as gcdumptool, the program allows you to dump your Nintendo Switch games, DLCs and also updates. The utility also allows you to transfer, analyze and verify the integrity of games.

With this version 1.1.9, titles with several NCAs and grouped updates can be searched and compatibility with more recent consoles with the modified PRODINFO generation has been corrected. The HOME button is also blocked and the homebrew displays an update warning if a game requires an unsupported generation of NCA keys.

Animal Crossing is also supported by nxdumptool with a FAT32 limitation - so RomFS could not be dumped correctly because a directory contains more FAT32 files than it supports (65,534). To avoid this problem, several directories are created and numbered (for example "Model_0").

Changelog v1.1.9 :
    Built using libnx commit d7e6207.
    Removed unnecessary code in NSP dumping steps.
    Improved GitHub JSON parsing code.
    Added NSP/ExeFS/RomFS support for titles with multiple Program NCAs (populated ID offset fields). Big thanks to Cirosan and ITotalJustice for testing!
    Fixed compatibility with consoles that use the new PRODINFO key generation scheme. Big thanks to dimitriblaiddyd78 from GBAtemp for reporting the issue and providing with testing!
    Fixed ExeFS/RomFS browsing/dumping support for bundled-in game updates in gamecards.
    Recursive directory removal after a failed HFS0/ExeFS/RomFS data dump is now optional.
    Fixed RomFS section dump support for titles that hold enough files in a single directory to exceed the max file count per directory limit in FAT32 (e.g. Animal Crossing: New Horizons).
        In order to overcome this problem, a secondary directory is created using the current RomFS directory name + a counter value (e.g. /Model -> /Model_0).
        This directory is used to save the rest of the data from the current RomFS directory until:
            All files from the current RomFS directory have been dumped, or...
            The directory reaches the max file count as well and another directory must be created to continue the process (e.g. /Model_0 -> /Model_1).
        Big thanks to Michael18751, TechGeekGamer and SusejLav for testing!
    Button presses are now retrieved from all connected controllers.
    HOME button presses are now only blocked during dump operations. Fixes problems with homebrew forwarders and qlaunch replacements.
        Additionally, long HOME button presses are now blocked as well.
    Removed max entry count limit for HFS0/ExeFS/RomFS browsers. All filenames are now dynamically allocated, as it should have been from the very start.
    Updated NACP struct to reflect latest discoveries made by 0Liam.
    The application now displays a FW update warning when the contents from an inserted gamecard can't be parsed because they use an unsupported NCA keygen. Thanks to ITotalJustice for spotting it!

This is only a bugfix release. I don't expect to release any new versions until the rewrite is finished - the only exception being fixing some kind of feature-breaking bug. Please understand.
Download: nxdumptool v1.1.9

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