Covid19-psvita-data v0.1 Released

Covid19-psvita-data v0.1

robDevs has released covid19-psvita-data, which is a homebrew application for the Sony PlayStation Vita that will fetch and read current json data about the Chinese Wuhan Coronavirs (COVID-19) that is plaguing the world in the first quarter of the Earth year 2020.
Quote: robDevs

This application was built in a few hours using code from RepoHub for graphics, controls, curl requests, and json parsing. The visualization uses a logarithmic scale with log base 10. I have very little experience doing this type of visualization scaling so if there is a better way please let me know. With the short initial time spent making this application there will likely be bugs. Please report them using Github issues on this repository.

I hope that this application will provide a convienent way for ps vita gamers to stay informed on the current state of Covid19. This application is not meant to replace any desktop alternatives.
Changelog v0.1
Initial Release

Download: Covid19-psvita-data v0.1

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