Line for 3DS v1.4.0 Released

Line for 3DS v1.4.0

Core_2_Extreme has just put online a few hours ago a new version of its application for 3DS and its sisters, it is Line.

Line is an instant messaging, voice and video call application developed by LINE. It allows you to exchange text messages and make calls free of charge by transmitting information in the form of data.

Of course there are some limitations compared to the PC version, it should still be improved, but gradually as it is, it now has an image reader, advanced control RAM, and the ability to send stickers.

Characteristics :
  •      Send text
  •      Send image (v1.4.0)
  •      Send video (* 2) (v1.4.0)
  •      Send sound (* 2) (v1.4.0)
  •      Send sticker (* 1) (v1.3.0)
  •      Receive text white_check_mark
  •      Receive (View) image (v1.2.0)
  •      Receive (View) (* 1) (v1.3.0)
  •      View old log (Max 300 logs)
  •      Auto update (v0.2.0)
  •      Group chat
  •      Night mode (v0.2.0)
  •      Password (v0.3.0)
  •      Save log to SD card (v0.3.0)

Changelog 1.4.0:
【Line】 Added- send a file function.
【Image viewer】 Added view view on SD card.
【GAS】 Fixed- The problem of losing messages from being sent too quickly have been resolved.
Changelog 1.3.1:
【Line】 Fixed- Common occurring [FSUSER_OpenArchive failed] error has been solved.
【Line】 Fixed- Image display now activated by touching the message.
【Setting】 Fixed- Setting menu framerate now improved.
【Image viewer】 Fixed- Image display speed now improved.
Download: Line for 3DS v1.4.0

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