DaedalusX64 v0.3 Released

DaedalusX64 v0.3

Rinnegatamante has just published the third version of its DaedalusX64 emulator for the PlayStation Vita, again many developments in a few days.

DaedalusX64-vitaGL is a port of the Daedalus X64 emulator suitable for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV consoles and this v0.3 brings many new evolutions.

Changelog v0.3:

- Addition of a protection on the hash control on the updates of the plots (enormous acceleration when the cache of the plots is deactivated).
- Path caching is now disabled by default.
- Addition of an information window on Roma in the Roma selector, which displays various information on Roma during flight.
- Addition of an art box showing the Rom Selector.
- Online compatibility list integrated into the emulator itself. Now you will know how a rom actually works on the emulator from the Rom Selector itself.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the rendering of certain plots when rendering 3D geometries.
- Updated LiveArea Resources (thanks That One Seong & TheIronUniverse).
- Optimization of certain dynarec operations and implementation of certain missing operations. (Thank you MasterFeizz and TheFloW).
- Added a hack to correctly display Rayman 2 in the game texts.
- Removal of the Frameskip option.
- Establishment of a CPU rendering support when starting the rom (correction of some games apparently locked at startup, for example Rayman 2).
- Correction of the RDP frame counter at the start of the rom.
- Fixed several problems with calculating the size of plots (fixed many flaws in different games).
- Addition of a first implementation of MuSyx v1 audio microcode.
- Addition of a first implementation of Resident Evil 2 custom gfx microcodes.
- Addition of a new entry in the debugger which displays the audio microcode currently installed.
- He resolved certain out-of-bounds access that could lead to undesirable behavior.
- Increased the heap size of newlib to 160 MB (fixes an issue that prevented 46 MB from booting Roma after booting another Rom first).
- Addition of the Mipmaps option which will allow the emulator to use mipmaps for 3D geometries.
- Fixed an issue that caused the window to miscalculate (fixed resizing issues in several games, for example Pokemon Stadium 2).
- Added correct view resizing for PAL ROMs.
- Added support for negative viewing windows (fixes rendering issues in some games, such as Fighting Force 64).
- Added support for remapping controls. (Uses preset files similar to PSP compilation files).
- Improvement of the gfx microcode detection code.
- Improved DMA code.
- Fixed an issue that resulted in 2D renderings with incorrect plots.
- Fixed a problem with the use of the depth buffer which caused unwanted cuts (resolution of some cut problems, for example, invisible connection inside The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time).
- Added implementation of recording assertions for debugging purposes.
- Switch to the use of ARM neon for various mathematical operations (mathematical acceleration operations).
- Improvement of the PIF start code.
- Added support for Tricks.
- Fixed an issue that made Rayman 2 and Donald Duck extractions invisible: 2D Quack Attack.
- Addition of the "Brightness" option which allows to modify the brightness of the game (useful for too dark games like Doom 64).
- Pokemon Stadium and Pocket Monsters Stadium titles are not linked to the support of the correct compatibility list.
- Added 16: 9 aspect ratio (previously 16: 9 wide screen hack).

Download: DaedalusX64 v0.3

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