unSAFE_MODE v1.0 Released

unSAFE_MODE v1.0

zoogie has released a new exploit for the Nintendo 3ds/2ds. unSAFE_MODE is an exploit for SAFE_MODE system updater. SAFE_MODE sysupdater is the recovery mode app that launches when L+R+Up+A are held while coldbooting the 3DS. It's normally used to internet update the 3DS from a corrupted state and hopefully repair any damaged system titles. Because it runs under SAFE_MODE firm, it's a very interesting (and safe) hax target.


Download the zip archive under the Release tab above and follow the instructions inside. You will need some sort of userland exploit to install a hacked wifi save. Details for two suitable exploits are included.
Works on firmwares:
old3ds 6.0 - latest

new3ds 8.1 - latest (all versions)

When SAFE_MODE sysupdater launches, it will check all 3 wifi slots for a working access point to perform a sysupdate. If it can't find one, it will allow the user to access wifi connection settings to make changes. When Proxy Settings -] Detailed Setup is selected, the displayed proxy URL string is not adequately checked for length, and a stack smash is possible if the attacker had previously altered the location of the string's NULL terminator in the wifi slot data.

In order to prepare the necessary slot modification, userland execution is needed with either cfg:i or cfg:s available. For example, it's possible to attain the cfg:s service with a small modification to the "*hax" otherapp source, or running an mset entrypoint (i.e. bannerbomb3). Note that SAFE_MODE sysupdater is actually a fork of firmware 1.0's mset (System Settings). As a result, mset also had this same bug at one point, but it was fixed in firmware 3.0. The fix obviously was never backported to SAFE_MODE sysupdater due to the fact that SAFE_MODE titles are seldom updated for whatever reason.

Q: Um, ... is this unsafe?
A: It's no more unsafe than any other full exploit chain in terms of user safety. The "unsafe" part is ribbing Nintendo for calling SAFE_MODE as such given, from their perspective, it's full of exploitable bugs (since they never backport fixes from NATIVE_FIRM). The name also refers to the exploit running un(der)SAFE_MODE firm, which is a unique (and nice) aspect of this version of safehax.

Q: One of my shoulder buttons is hosed, what can I do?
A: Some people report that blowing hot humid air into the buttons temporarily allows them to work, but that's just gross and unsanitary (I'd totally do it, but I'm a weirdo).
The best plan B is probably to just use ntrboot or seedminer.

Q: You mentioned safehax a couple of times, does unSAFE_MODE have that?
A: It's bundled in, yes. Usm.bin contains the safehax code (and several other stages). It will automatically install boot9strap to firm0/1 for permanent cfw.

Q: Is this fixable with a firmware update?
A: I think so. Nintendo has a weird track record ignoring my previous exploits, but they could fix this, and possibly do so without even touching SAFE_MODE titles (they prefer leaving SAFE_MODE untouched, as already mentioned). While the fix I'm thinking of is pretty straightforward, I'd rather not give any hints right now.


-This project is licensed as MIT except the code used and modified from these other projects:

General Rop/Code

-yellows8 https://github.com/yellows8/3ds_ropkit (otherapp loader)
-dukesrg https://github.com/dukesrg/rop3ds (rop templates, macros)
-smealum https://github.com/zoogie/ninjhax2.x (ninjhax fork with cfg:s changes - superto and o3ds_newpayloads branches)

Safehax related

-kartik https://github.com/hax0kartik/pre9otherapp (k11/a9 sploit framework)
-aliaspider https://github.com/aliaspider/svchax/ (memchunkhax1)
-patois https://github.com/patois/Brahma (firmlaunchhax)
-tuxsh https://github.com/TuxSH/usr2arm9ldr (rsaverify)
-normmatt https://gist.github.com/Normmatt/b72f7323686af5c9cd7 (rsaverify)
-SciresM https://github.com/SciresM/boot9strap (mini b9s installer template & b9s itself)
-AuroraWright https://github.com/AuroraWright/SafeA9LHInstaller (writefirm)

Changelog v1.0
-Initial upload

Download: unSAFE_MODE v1.0

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