Priiloader v0.9 Beta 4 Released

Priiloader v0.9 Beta 4

Priiloader is back in 0.9 Beta 4. As you know it is a modified version of Preloader 0.30 developed by developer DacoTaco and BadUncle for Nintendo Wii and Wii U.

This software allows, as a reminder, to patch the memory as does Starpatch, to prevent the ban of the console or a brick, or to boot on a .dol, on bootmii, or the homebrewchannel.
This app/homebrew is still very practical, 10 years after its release, especially for consoles that cannot install bootmii in boot2, and it is now possible to use the Wii buttons for navigation. In addition, the hacks system has been extensively revised and now allows patching other binaries than those in the system menu. A Wiimmfi code in progress already exists, with which games can be corrected on the fly. In addition, thanks to the new loader, all DOL and ELF binaries can be loaded - even those running in the same memory space as Priiloader.

Priiloader can now also be installed on the Wii Mini - of course, DacoTaco should publish the DOL installer. Please note, this is a beta version which should only be installed on Wiis with Bootmii in boot2! In addition, Priiloader will not work in Wii U mode and will brick your vWii mode!

Changelog 0.9 Beta:

This libogc update has increased compatibility with USB keyboards and improved video output in 420p (can also in 480p). In addition, some bugs have been fixed and some hacks for the Wii Mini have been fixed. The file size has also been reduced somewhat.

- Upgrade from libogc to 2.1.0
  - improved keyboard compatibility
  - improved 420p video output
- Fixed binary loading arguments
- Fixed loading bug after binary file size
- Fixed various Wii mini hacks (see github)
- Reduce the size of Priiloader by loading NAND certificates
- Dol & SysMenu loading code reworked. (You can load -all- a dol or an elf now), this removes the restriction on the entry point
- Correction of dol arguments
- Reworked hacks analyzer and loading code
- Change of Priandoader's Nand startup code
- The installer source is again open source
- Adding a decent vWii detection code to the installer
- Fixed some display bugs in the online beta version
- Restart of the entry if the launch of the HBC failed

New options:

- Added an option to use the front buttons to navigate
- Adding compensation support in hacks
- Added support for comments in hacks
- Added support for USB keyboard
- For wii-mini
Works on all Wii
The mapping is as follows:
A = Entrance
B = Esc
X = X
Y = Y
Start = space bar
Arrow keys: directions
- Hold ESC to stop the automatic start and enter the menu
- Reduced Priiloader size by loading NAND certs
Download: Priiloader v0.9 Beta 4

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