sys-tune 1.2.0 Released

sys-tune 1.2.0

HookedBehemoth has just released a new version of its audio file player which can be run in the background and controlled from the Tesla menu.

The system module only supports downloading the audio format .mp3, but there may be developments to be able to also use files in .flac format. As this is a system module, it will allow you to listen to music in addition to playing your favorite games.

This version 1.2.0 adds some essential optimizations and corrections.

Changelog 1.2.0:
- Added the option to stop the service, this is to work around a problem with certain games that use all audio rendering sessions.
- The next time you open the slide, the service will be restored
- The playlist now shows all the files
- Abandonment of Atmosphere-libs in favor of the IPC server of p-sam used in sys-clk
- Free up some memory
- Significant reduction in compilation time
- Overlay / overlay recompiled with the latest libtesla
- A bug in previous versions could cause a crash if too many overlays were open
Download: sys-tune 1.2.0

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