ESP8266 Xploit Host v2.84a Released

ESP8266 Xploit Host v2.84a

c0d3m4st4 has just put online a new version of its ESP8266 Xploit Host which is available in v2.84a. On the program, we find the very latest news in hacking under firmware 6.72.

This version 2.84a introduces the latest version of the sleirsgoevy jailbreak exploit launched last night, which is announced as stable by sleirsgoevy, even if as Al Azif reminds us, the kernel exploit itself has not been modified, the kernel panic will be partially present.

However, the stability is improving, it is undeniable, moreover this Xplois Host now integrates the FTP of Al Azif, the dumper 6.72 and the offline mode, which is a very fast mode, and especially which now starts more often than the HEN v1 and v2.

Download: ESP8266 Xploit Host v2.84a

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