EZ PS4 Downporter to easily backport 6.72 to 5.05 games

EZ PS4 Downporter to easily backport 6.72 to 5.05 games

No more complicated scripts, no more hexadecimal editing, no more complex coding, here is a tool unveiled by noob404, which is called EZ PS4 Downporter, can automate 95% of the creation process.

Using this tool, you can downport any PS4 game with just a few clicks. The hardest part was dealing with the .prx modules as each game has a different location for the prx files and some games have prx modules that are not found in other games. But EZ PS4 Downported also has a solution for this.

By the way we understand why some games do not work, like Need For Speed Heat which requires two additional files, EA games require two additional libraries from more recent firmwares (libSceNpPartner001 and libSceAppContentUtil / libSceAppContentPft) which are not available on lower versions (they are used for the Play First Trial functionality).

To be able to use EZ PS4 Downporter here are the prerequisites:
- Windows PC.
- Python 2.7.18.
- .Net Framework 4.61.
- Fake PKG.

The full tutorial is here: https://noob404.com/ez-ps4-downporter/

Download: Noob404_EZ_PS4_Downporter_1.0.7z

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