Homebrew Details v0.50 Released

Homebrew Details v0.50

Homebrew Details is a manager for Switch consoles which allows you to view in detail all the .nro files located in the Switch directory of the SD card.

Changelog v0.50
- Correction of the counting of applications in the App Store.
- New debug panel showing variable states and some more in-depth statistics that will be used soon.
- Full image of settings to easily save and load preferences to the file. Therefore, there is a new settings panel with the first switchable option, which analyzes only the / switch / folder or the / switch / folder with all subfolders.

Changelog v0.42
- The number of applications is now displayed next to the category type.
- Checks for updates to notify you if a new version is available (automatic updating is not yet possible ...).
- New Manage tab in the menu of an item with the Delete function (Note: deleting an application does not delete its entry until a new analysis is performed, but the file has disappeared and it is not possible to delete it twice).
- You can now return to the introduction screen to analyze the application folder again for the modifications.

Changelog v0.40
- New introduction screen between start-up and analysis (so there is no need to look at a blank screen when loading) which also contains the frame for a progress screen in the future.
- Even cleaner corrections for several cases of 0 applications.
- Version number noted in the application.
- Some small changes.
- General improvements in system stability to improve user experience.

Homebrew Details v0.50

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