Ns-Usbloader v4.0 Released

Ns-Usbloader v4.0

developersu has just updated NS-USBloader, remember that NS-USBloader is responsible for replacing the python script of Tinfoil, and which is proposed in java to be launched on Windows, Linux and MacOS, NS-Usbloader is a program of 'NSP Adubbz / TinFoil and GoldLeaf (USB) installation on the PC side with graphical interface and cookies.

This version v4.0 updates a lot of things:

Changelog v4.0:
- Full command line interface support for people without a graphical interface.
- Updated the Brazilian Portuguese translation of @almircanella. Thank you !
- Code for Tinfoil / Awoo NET restructured. The facilities should be running faster now.
- Update icon for the "Games" tab
- Activation by default of the option "Allow XCI / NSZ / XCZ file selection for tinfoil" for new installations.
- The GoldLeaf version must be defined in the options: v0.8 selected by default. No more discouraging checkboxes "Use old version of GoldLeaf".
- The code has been largely tweaked
Download: Ns-Usbloader v4.0

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