Homebrew Details v0.71 Released

Homebrew Details v0.71

Here is something new for the Switch scene, Homebrew Details is a file manager that will allow you to view in detail all the NRO files located in the directory of the SD card present in your Switch.

The HBMenu type program makes it easy to find out which macros come from the hb application store and which have just been entered manually on the SD card.

Homebrew Details can also be installed as an .nsp file, so that you can access the program directly from the home screen of the Switch console.

This new update introduces more search options, including scanning the root of the SD card and the full SD card. Moreover, a safe mode has been added so that if the application crashes, it will restore some default settings.

Changelog v0.71:

This version will update correctly, regardless of location or name, whether it is /switch/homebrew_details.nro or /switch/hedgehog/butts.nro

Changelog v0.70:
- You can now update the app directly from the Switch console.
Changelog v0.65:
- Added other search options, including SD root scan and full SD card scan.
- Added new safe mode so that if the app crashes during a search (for example, when scanning a full SD card takes too long and forces the app to quit), it will restore some default settings.
Changelog v0.60:
- You can now restart your payload using the Atmosphere method directly from the application!

Homebrew Details v0.71

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