NSC_Builder v0.99 Released

NSC_Builder v0.99

For more than 6 months, Julesontheroad had not updated NSC_Builder, here it is now rectified and not just a little! He has just put online v0.99 which brings many new features. As you know NSC_Builder succeeds NUT_Batch_Cleaner, which serves as an implementation of its mod hacbuild. NSC_Builder, Nintendo Switch Cleaner and Builder, was designed around the "REMOVE_TITLE_RIGHTS" function, which allows you to clear the titlerights encryption of NSP files.

The biggest new feature in this version is the introduction of MTP mode, an mtp manager for the DBI Installer.

DBI is an installer made by Rashevsky and Team Keffir in a similar way to the old Tinfoil from Adubbz with extended functions and an MTP response mode which allows access to the Nintendo Switch via the MTP protocol to transfer files between the Switch and the PC and to obtain several information from the Switch such as the games installed, the storage used, the firmware of the Switch ...

When you open the NRO or the DBI program installed on your switch and you launch the MTP responder option, you can connect your Switch via USB to your PC, allowing NSC_Builder v0.99 to work with DBI and access to your switch by providing a large number of functions.

The tested version of DBI is 1.25, which can be downloaded with the next version of Keffir.

Now it is possible to have:

- New "M" Mode - mtp an MTP manager for DBI
- Many options have been added to the web interface
- Bug fixes
- Test via server concepts
- Configuration of each library
- Google Drive authentication
- Authentication of 1 file

Download: NSC_Builder v0.99

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