NX Update Checker 1.4.1 Released

NX Update Checker 1.4.1

16BitWonder offers a new version of NX Update Checker for the Nintendo Switch, which once installed and running, will allow you to check the content actually installed against a list of versions provided for the most recent updates.

In practice, it's quite simple, when a file is provided versionlist.json by the Discord ReSwitched server, the tool compares the versions of the titles currently installed with the last known versions of the list. This is done either by displaying all the latest versions on the screen, or by saving them in a text file located in the sdmc directory: /Available-Updates.txt.

This allows you not to connect to the internet and to have a way to keep track of available updates.

This version 1.4.1 is a small update, but it remains interesting:

- Small update today that points NX-Update-Checker to a new repository instead of titledb.
- The application now points to nx-versions for versions.txt
- Adoption of a similar printing scheme of the versions.txt analyzer in the installed title analyzer for a slight acceleration of processing speed

Use :

- If there is no Internet connection, retrieve the latest versions.txt file available in the nx-versions repository (https://github.com/16BitWonder/nx-versions/blob/master/versions.txt) and save the in the same directory as NX-Update-Checker.nro
- Run the nro with HBMenu
- Watch the nice text move on the screen thanks to the action of NX Update Checker
- Take advantage

Download: NX Update Checker 1.4.1

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