Payload 6.72 and 505 ToDEX to unlock some debug functions

Payload 6.72 and 5.05 ToDEX to unlock some debug functions

Zecoxao invites us to discover a  new payload named PS4 6.72 / 5.05 ToDEX, it allows you to unlock certain features that were previously unknown.

After the fix for the error related to the PS4 trophies, he unveils a new tool that allows both to unlock Debug / TestKit functions on the Retail console, but also the possibility of playing Fake PKG games with Debug trophies , installed by a temporary conversion via a memory spoof sent to the ID 0x82 (DEX).

ToDEX only copies the target ID from PS4 to DEX and does not replace any modules, so to revert to a "normal" PS4 Retail, simply restart the console since the required SAMU code is currently not available for a full conversion PS4 CEX2DEX.

Unlocking PS4 Debug / TestKit Features:

- Remove patches
- Remove additional data Addcont
- Delete temporary data
- Delete download data
- Delete user backup data
- Delete backup data of all users

Attention, Joonie indicates that the option "delete save data" will erase all your saves!

Download: todex.7z (2.31 KB - for 6.72 FW) / todex_505.bin (2 KB - for 5.05 FW)

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