SimpleModManager 2.0.0 Released

SimpleModManager 2.0.0

Nadrino has just released a brand new version of SimpleModManager which is now available in version 2.0.

SimpleModManager is a homebrew application that will allow you to manage mods, via LayeredFS, in Atmosphere. SimpleModManager makes it easy to manage mods from LayeredFS by redirecting access to romfs files on the SD card. When the application accesses a romfs file, it checks the existence of this same file in the SD card. If the file on the SD card exists, access to the romfs file will be redirected to it.

Changelog 2.0.0:
- Compiled with the latest version of libnx. Tested on firmware 10.0.4 with atmosphere 0.13.0.
New features :

- First version of the graphical interface.
- Now SimpleModManager will automatically find the game image in the game folders.
- The mod management operations (application, deletion, control) are now performed asynchronously. This improves speed and allows better loading of the monitor.

Download: SimpleModManager 2.0.0

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