Super Haxagon 3.2.0 Released

Super Haxagon 3.2.0

Super Haxagon is a clone of Super Hexagon which is a cross platform and open source game for Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, Windows and Linux.

It is developed in C ++ and does not use any additional libraries for basic logic, which makes it (in theory) easier to port to new platforms. It also has a GUI based level editor called Haxa Editor.

Developed by Terry Cavanagh, it is an action game released on September 5, 2012 for iOS, then on November 29 for Gnu / Linux, Windows and Mac OS via the Steam platform, in Super Hexagon, the player manipulates a triangular cursor that rotates in a circular fashion around a hexagon. Geometric shapes (walls) then come towards the player and he must avoid them. The difficulty of the game lies in the speed of movement of these objects, the rotation of the scenery, the random combination of groups of walls, and other random events such as the change of scale of the game or the change of direction of rotation of the decor.

Download: Super-Haxagon 3.2.0

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