webMAN Mod v1.47.28 Released

webMAN Mod v1.47.28

Aldo Vargas is still working on webMAN Mod, just because the PlayStation 4 scene wakes up does not mean that the PlayStation 3 scene is dead.

In this update, webMAN-MOD 1.47.28 brings new features like a hex file viewer, unlocking "protected" backups (PARAM.SFO only / not resign), new popup command, and other improvements.

Changelog v1.47.28
- Remote file viewer using web command: /hexview.ps3 <file path>
- Addition of CUE analysis and multitrack support for ISO CD PS2.
- New menu option "Reload my games + XMB" (requires Reload_XMB.pkg and ★ app_home / PS3_GAME)
- Now the maximum fan speed can be set to 40% (previously it was 50%)
- PKG files scanned with prepISO or stored in ps3netsrv are now installed directly after mounting
- Limit increased to 98 of the number of tracks authorized in PSXISO. You can now play multiple games (with issues).
- The CUE PREGAP command is now ignored, improving the audio results of some PSX games that have encountered problems.
- prepISO now uses the same CUE analyzer used by webMAN. It also scans the CCD cue sheet files.
- prepISO now scans the contents of / PS3, / MUSIC, / THEME, / UPDATE, / ROMS
[Use with moderation, each BDFILE created contains only one file. XMB can be easily crowded]
- Mamba 8.3 now detects burned PS3 discs if PS3_GAME is in the root directory
- Correction of regression ps3netsrv on the Linux version
- Update stack (includes more than 40 commits in the tool suite)
- ps3netsrv: improved detection of INI files used to map paths to the folder (thanks to @Dvvarf)
- ps3netsrv: fixed mapping of UNC paths when the INI file uses CRLF (corrected by aldostools)
- the VCR plug-in now uses its default storage container (4-bg). It can be changed in [MC] of /setup.ps3
Download: webMAN Mod v1.47.28

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