EdiZon SE v3.6.1 Released

EdiZon SE v3.6.1

tomvita offers EdiZon-SE, it is an alternative version of EdiZon, an application dedicated to managing state backups on Switch and which also includes a very useful editor.
If you are using Hekate, run EdiZon from hbmenu, you will be greeted with a screen showing all of the games you have currently installed on your Switch and possibly any saves.

Added features:
- Search by track.
- Compare with the previous value search.
- Search on bookmark memory location.
- Improved speed to reduce integer value in first search practice.
- The bookmark adapts to the change of the main starting address and the heap the next time the game is launched. The bookmark with the chain of linked pointers updates the memory address dynamically when the chain is able to resolve to a valid memory address.
- Extract memory address from dmnt cheat code and add it to bookmark to browse memory location.
- Rebase function to extract a potential string of pointers from the dmnt cheat code created for the previous version of the game.
- In the application's chain of pointers, find the address on the bookmark.
- Export the dump to the PC application (derived from pointersearcher 0.4) for a more powerful chain of pointers search.
- Import the search result from the PC application for validation and testing.
- Create a dmnt cheat code from the string of pointers found.

Changelog v3.5.6:
- The structure of the pointer search code has been completely changed.
- The architecture is now able to support pause / resume search. (pause / resume not yet implemented).
- Chain pointers implementation, added to bookmark.
- Display of the address resolution of the bookmark pointer on the implemented status bar.
- The bookmark with the attached pointers string dynamically changes the address of the implemented bookmark.
- New key combination to access pointer search.
(+ to access the configuration page to find the pointer to the selected bookmark address)
- Support for static code type for transfer between bookmark and cheat code. v3.5.7
- See the readme.md file on the main page for instructions.

Download: EdiZon SE v3.6.1

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