ESP8266 Xploit Host v2.84c Released

ESP8266 Xploit Host v2.84c

c0d3m4st4 has uploaded the latest version of its ESP8266 Xploit Host which is intended for small devices with ESP8266 which facilitates the PS4 hack.

As a reminder, this device has a small Wi-Fi module, with full support for the TCP / IP protocol, convenient for hosting the exploit locally and this also makes it possible not to keep the console connected to the internet, so '' avoid unwanted updates.

This version 2.84c brings many new features, in particular on the payloads used, and the return of the 4.55 functions.

Changelog v2.84c:
- Fixed all Stooged payloads in online mode, he forgot to refer to 6.72 files, it's a shame! Offline was done correctly.
- v4 has been removed, instead left v3 (which is just the previous version of the exploit and it worked great) and v5 (which is the latest version of the exploit and * should * in a sense be more stable, but that's not at all in my case). Again, note that this v3, v4, v5 labeling is mine! Don't mess around AlAzif or sleirsgoevy with "this or that doesn't work on vX", they probably won't even know what you are talking about. Both v3 and v5 now use the latest (unofficial) version of Mira which works fine.
RECOMMENDATION - Install offline and use v3 and, if it crashes for you, use v5. Both use Mira (unofficial) in order to have the same functionality with each of them. V3 barely freezes in my case while v5 might work well 20 times so it crashes once and the next 20 times keep crashing.
- You may see random "Insufficient Memory" errors, just click OK and let the guide reload.
- WE WON'T RESPOND TO THINGS LIKE: "v4 worked better, please add it again" -> No, now v4 is v5 with new target (unofficial). Remember that the exploit is not that stable and will crash randomly sooner or later.
- DO NOT TURN OFF THE PS4, it will probably freeze. It is not better to restart and then perform a clean shutdown without loading the exploit.
- Remember to CLEAN ALL DATA by flashing the ESP8266.
- Added HEN 2.1.4 to 5.05 payloads (untested, more in 5.05).
- Hardware support for firmware 4.55 is back.

Download: ESP8266 Xploit Host v2.84c

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