Joonie ported HEN 2.1.3 to firmware below 6.72

 Joonie ported HEN 2.1.3 to firmware below 6.72

Joonie proposes the port of HEN 2.1.3 on firmware 6.02 and 6.20

He had already offered HEN on other firmwares.

Firmware 5.50 (ok)
Firmware 5.55 (ok)
Firmware 5.56 (ok)
Firmware 6.02 (incomplete)
Firmware 6.20 (unstable)
This therefore allows those who have a console stuck on lower firmwares to take advantage of the HEN without being forced to update, on the other hand they will be limited compared to the firmware keys on the playable games and will not have access to the games " 6.72 "without having to wear them, but that's already a good step forward.
Joonie announces that the 5.5x versions are correct and complete, while the 6.x versions are more or less unstable, the 6.20 being very unstable.

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