The payload to dump your EAP key on 6.72 Released

The payload to dump your EAP key on 6.72

The Extensible Authentication Protocol, or EAP, is a network communication protocol embedding multiple authentication methods, which takes the form of a key on the hard drive of the PlayStation 4.
This key used is necessary to mount its hard drive on PC, especially under Linux, unlike the ps3, where each part of the security (including the hard drive) is dictated by the eid_root_key, the ps4 has two keys for the disk hard, one is managed by SAMU (we cannot get this key) and the other is managed by South Bridge / AEOLIA / BELIZE (which we can get).
To get this key, you need to dump it, until now there were payloads under 4.05, 4.55 and 5.05, but not under firmware 6.72.
The developer LightningMods therefore follows many requests to unveil the payload to dump this EAP key under firmware 6.72.

Now you can dump your EAP key and decrypt your PS4 hard drive on a PC.
Download: PS4-EAP-KEY-DUMPER-672.bin

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