Apollo Save Tool v1.4.2 Released

Apollo Save Tool v1.4.2

Apollo Save Tool is an application that will allow you to manage save files on the PlayStation 3.
The apollo-ps3 homebrew app lets you download, unlock, patch and resign backup files directly to your PS3.
The PlayStation 3 scene continues to live on, unlike the PlayStation 4 scene, it is much more active, it is also a shame that Sony has just confirmed that backward compatibility with the PS3, PS2 and PS1 will not be guaranteed on the PlayStation 5 .

In this new version 1.4.2, the developer has added quite a few new elements:

  •      PS1 export .PSV saves to .mcs
  •      PS2 export .PSV saves to .psu
  •      Import raw PS2 memcards to .VM2 (ECC / non-ECC)
  •      Export PS2 .VM2 memcards to raw image
  •      Added APOLLO-99PS1.PSV dummy save (to refresh XMB virtual memcards)

Download: Apollo Save Tool v1.4.2

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