DS4Touch, Adrenaline Bubble Booter VPK Edition, Straybright and GE Patch Released

DS4Touch, Adrenaline Bubble Booter VPK Edition, Straybright and GE Patch

Small points of view around the homebrews of the Vita scene, so in this post we will see the updates of DS4Touch, Bubble Booter VPK Edition, Straybright and the GE Patch plugin.
Brought to you by developer MERLev, ds4touch is a new plugin based on Xerpi's ds4vita source code, which has the particularity of adding touchpad support on PlayStation TV or PlayStation Vita with Mini or VitaTV.
This new version corrects a bug on storage.
Download: DS4Touch v1.1.2

Adrenaline Bubble Booter VPK Edition
Adrenaline Bubble Booter Creator and VPK Edition allow you to launch and create a bubble of a game in ISO \ OSC \ PBP \ PSOne in LiveArea, with all the features enabled like plugins, filters, saves and PSONE.
Changelog v1.3:
- Update of Adrenaline to version v7.0.
- Added the "Suspend threads" option to the Adrenaline Bubble menu.
Download: AdrBubbleBooter.VPKEdition.v1.3-LMAN
Here is a homebrew that we have never told you about, it is Straybright, with this tool you will be able to deactivate the option of automatic dimming (or attenuation) of the screen of your portable console, while keeping the automatic shutdown of the Playstation Vita. This new version has been recompiled with the latest version of DolceSDK in order to reduce the runtime size by 32 KB.
Download: Staybright 1.0.1

GE Patch plugin
A new version of the GE Patch Plugin has been proposed by TheFlow, this version 0.18.1 fixes a rendering bug on games, and it has also been adapted to Adrenaline 7.0.
Download: GePatch v0.18.1

To be complete on the PlayStation Vita scene, BetterTrackPlug has also been updated by FMudanyali. Originally this plugin was created by Rinnegatamante, it allows you to know how much time you spend on your applications.
Changelog 1.1:
     Added blacklist support (Will prompt if you clear the playtime by pressing TRIANGLE)
     Fixed a bug where games with line-breaks in their names would display incorrectly
     Fixed compile warnings
Download: BetterTrackPlug v1.1

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