RPCS3 v0.0.12 Alpha Released

RPCS3 v0.0.12 Alpha

AniLeo has just uploaded a new compilation of RPCS3.
A free PlayStation 3 emulator, it is written in C ++ and is available on Windows and GNU / Linux. Its development started in 2011, it has become stable over time, but sometimes bugs and incompatibilities can appear, but it remains to this day the most successful PlayStation 3 emulator. As you know, this is the best PlayStation 3 emulator available, the one that is the most followed in terms of support and changes made by its developers.
So far we had to be content with improving the compatibility list, there is a rather impressive changelog.

Video RPCS3 - Introducing Online Play via PSN Emulation!

Changelog 0.0.12:

Changes made since version 0.0.11 in chronological order, i.e. 62 days of development with 213 changes.
What's new since version 0.0.11 (highlights):
- Implementation of the online game functionality (sceNp)!
- Improved precision and performance of CPU emulation
- Numerous GPU emulations and performance improvements
- Numerous bug fixes, improvements and additions to the GUI interface
- Implementation of the downmix in 5.1 at the audio level, which made it possible to modify most of the audio parameters in the middle of the game
- Added AVX-512 support and some optimized paths for icelake AVX-512
- Simplification and improvement of the usability of the debugging software
- Added preview of multipliers and stick emulation in pad settings
- Namco GCon3 gun support
- Overhaul of GPU video memory management introduced to deal with memory overload scenarios, when GPU is almost out of memory, several techniques are used to free up maximum resources
- Fixed an issue in OpenGL where around 20% of shader cache was skipped when using OpenGL renderer
- Fixed text overlay on overlay items such as trophy pop-ups
Download: RPCS3 v0.0.12

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