Check Game Firmware or CGFw v2.07 Released

Check Game Firmware or CGFw v2.07

OfficialAhmed has just uploaded a new version of Check Game Firmware or CGFw, its tool that allows you to know what firmware is required minimum is necessary to run a PS4 game.
This tool compares the game and official firmware release dates, then determines whether a game is playable with the selected firmware or not. It is not 100% accurate, but it is very correct in terms of the information returned.
This new version 2.07, which has just been released, emphasizes a lot of new features, in particular with access to a database, and with an implementation of a search engine within the tool to facilitate searches.

Changelog v2.07
 - Considerable improvement in user interface and more features. (No bug has been fixed)
- Added Ui
- Added offline mode (Thanks to KiiWii alias @DefaultDNB)
- Added a simple search engine for offline mode (Read the Search engine section)
- Added official firmwares from which you can choose
- Added minimum firmware required for games
- Added suggestions if a game title is not found
- Online mode disabled (not fully functional)
- Integrated search engine, over 500 lines of code and over 48 hours to set up a basic search engine for offline mode and this is how it works.
- Search everything by release date
For games released in 2020 Search with "2020"
For games released in November (Type only the first 3 letters of the month) - Search with "Nov"
- Search by genre
For all adventure games "Adventure"
For all action games "Action"
- Search all DLC
For all "Dlc" DLC
- Search by game ID (WIP, not all IDs are available)
For Final Fantasy VII Remake, search for "cusa07187" or search for "cusa16170"
- Download the ZIP file from the link provided and extract the file
- Always run the exe as administrator
- Choose the desired firmware in the upper left corner
- Type in the title of the game then start a search
Download: CGFw v2.07 (33.6 MB)

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