GTA Vice City Alpha version on Switch Released

GTA Vice City Alpha version on Switch

Just take a look at the comments in the news on the port of GTA III to Switch to guess that you are all waiting for the arrival of Vice City on our beloved hybrid console! Well that will not be long since the port of a "proof-of-concept" alpha version and already available to give us an idea of what it could give!

This is therefore a first port of reVC (also called re3 Miami, the branch of re3 oriented towards the port of GTA: Vice City) to the Nintendo Switch. This porting work was done from AGraber's GitHub project, which handled the re3-NX project. The re3 Miami project is still in development, so we should not expect its port to be stable and functional soon. The Switch version is currently experiencing slow loading problems (especially between 5 and 10 minutes at first start), but the rest of its operation should be similar to re3-NX, the port of GTA III on Switch.

The game is therefore, for the moment, closer to a proof-of-concept than a truly usable version.

To follow the project and download the alpha version, go here: Download.

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